Game changing 3D realtime VFX since 2005

Persistant Studios Group, a company established in 2005, does encompass three main subsidiaries: PopcornFX, Apperture and Digital&Human. Our expertises rely on visual effects solution for gaming and film industries, next-gen game development, VFX outsourcing services, as well as creation of AR/VR/MR experiences.


Leading vfx authoring toolset

PopcornFX middleware intends to deliver outstanding visual effects for games, films and subsequent 3D productions set in AR/VR/MR. In providing a highly scalable solution seamlessly realtime, multi-platform and cross-engine, our team is proud to be part of the leading software vendors dedicated to special effects (VFX).


VR – AR – MR experiences crafter

Apperture, an incorporated subsidiary of Persistant Studios Group, is having teams operating in Paris, Bordeaux and Montréal. We run as a 3D interactive agency intended to craft 3D-based Virtual Reality (VR) – Augmented Reality (AR) – Mixed Reality (MR) experiences dedicated to brands and industrial operators.


Virtual training solutions provider

Digital&Human, an incorporated subsidiary of Persistant Studios Group, is having its core team operating in our Paris-based headquarter. Our company develops 3D-based Virtual Reality (VR) – Augmented Reality (AR) – Mixed Reality (MR) training simulations dedicated to large-scale companies and public organizations.



REWIND VR has once again worked with Björk as part of a close collaboration with directors Warren Dupreez and Nick Thornton Jones, to create a groundbreaking VRX (Virtual Reality eXperience) music piece for ‘Notget’, a single from Bjork’s 8th studio album, ‘Vulnicura’.

We are proud they chose our solution for VFX !


Inspired by Walt Disney’s Fantasia, “La Péri” is a semi-interactive experience based on classical music and a ballet performance captured with mocap and exclusively made for roomscale VR (like HTC's Vive). It features a lot of interaction based on the controllers to be able to play and feel presence with the character.
We are proud they chose our solution and outsourcing services for VFX !


Alongside the premiere of the feature film, Sundance 2016 saw the unveiling of Notes On Blindness: Into Darkness, an immersive virtual reality (VR) project based on John’s sensory and psychological experience of blindness. We are proud they chose our solution VFX !

In valuing the unexploited data flows, we are coming up with a comprehensive user experience adapted to such a moving business environment to ease the decision-making process!
Our dedicated Technical Artists will be able to work from any provided datasets configured under the popular “JSON” extension. Whether representing small or large volumes of data, starting with raw data or cleaned data: our team will seize the opportunity to deliver you an interactive visualization of your datasets, thus, in a very personalized way.
Our process is meeting four simple steps.

Value your unexploited datasets

NO API code to manage – NO complex software integration to deal with for several days!
We are coming up with an effective yet highly versatile procedure to valorize your datasets in benefitting from fully customizable templates.

Tailored service = infinite possibilities

Whether datasets are streamlined from any local databases, Internet of Things (IOT) or Machine Learning (M2M), our team will be in touch to select raw datas accurately, wrapping them to the right format, before proceeding with the visual-editing step.

Personalized yet outstanding data showcase

Thanks to our mastery of PopcornFX owned software, our mission stands as finding the best formula to bring your datasets to life throughout amazing visually-animated patterns that will finally add subsequent value from the business and marketing perspectives.

Packaged HD format delivered at your door

Whether you need to showcase such a specific data during BtoB product launch phase, internal meeting dedicated to decision-making purpose, or, at the occasion of consumer-oriented event: we will deliver at your door the perfect HD video format, in 4K or 360°.